Originally I am from Eritrea, East of Africa. I’m married and have two children. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and an Advanced Diploma in computer programming and data analysis.

I lived in Toronto, Canada for more than a decade. The first 12 months, I decided to spend my time in learning the new culture and later I decided to go back to school and resume my studies in the field of programming at George brown college (GBC ).

While I was in the GBC college, my credentials were being assessed and evaluated for Ontario Certified Teacher. In June 2016, I graduated from GBC (with Honours), and in September 2016, I was certified to teach mathematics and physics in Ontario, Canada.


– A Certified Teacher in Ontario, qualified to teach both mathematics (for intermediate and senior divisions) and physics (for senior division).

– Possess extensive knowledge, skills and comfortable to teach in the 21st-century classroom educational system.

– Highly skilled in computer programming with Additional Qualification (AQ) of Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction.

– Familiar with various learning disabilities and assistive technologies to support learning to bypass challenging tasks.

– Demonstrated ability to maintain assessment records and student portfolios to gauge progress

– A passionate  teacher with excellent communication skills who encourage students to develop their skills, knowledge, and confidence.


Since I was a little boy, I had a passion for mathematics. In elementary and junior high schools, math was fun for me. In high school and in university, math and physics became more difficult and I enjoyed the challenge. I remember sharing my knowledge with others. The passion I had and the desire to share what I know with others have guided me to love teaching profession.

While I was a 3rd-year university student, I became a mathematics tutor to freshmen students. Throughout my student life, I got the opportunity to interact with students and the insight I gained in how students learn have helped me understand where students got stuck in understanding the concept or the idea of a given topic.

From my experience, I understood most student’s belief is that:

  1. Math is difficult,
  2. Math is not interesting, and
  3. Math is irrelevant.

It’s from these three that my teaching philosophy is root. The philosophy of making Math fun, making it interesting, and relevant. READ MORE